Los 3 mejores campeones para jugar contra Varus en cada posición:

¿Qué buildearse contra Varus? Escoge entre estos items según tu campeón:

Si eres AP
Si eres AD
Arcoescudo inmortal
Corazón de hielo
Sombrero mortal de Rabadon
Filoscuro de Draktharr
Égida de fuego solar
Cintomisil hextech
Filo infinito
Coraza del muerto

Consejos para hacer counter a Varus

Consejo 1: Avoid standing in Varus' ultimate

Varus' ultimate, Chain of Corruption, is a powerful crowd control ability that can root multiple enemies in place. As a result, it is important to avoid standing in the line of fire when Varus uses this ability. Keep an eye out for his animations and position yourself in a way that allows you to dodge it or use a mobility ability to escape.

Consejo 2: Build items with magic resist and health

Varus deals primarily magic damage, so building items with magic resist and health can significantly reduce his damage output. Consider items such as Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, and Warmog's Armor to increase your survivability against Varus. Additionally, building a Quicksilver Sash or purchasing a Cleanse can help remove Varus' ultimate's root effect.

Consejo 3: Punish Varus' lack of mobility

Varus lacks a reliable mobility ability, making him vulnerable to champions with gap closers and crowd control. Play aggressive when his abilities are on cooldown or when he is caught out of position. Champions like LeBlanc, Zed, and Fizz can easily punish Varus for his lack of mobility, so take advantage of his weaknesses and play to your strengths.

Guía en youtube de cómo hacer counter a Varus

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